Collect recurring payments
via NACH Debit eMandates (eNACH)

Automatically collect payments directly from your customer's bank account
- no cheques, cards or digital wallets involved



Manage all your customers, plans, subscriptions, payments and settlements in our simple dashboard or API


Sign up and quickly start receiving predictable cashflow without relying on customers to authorise every payment


Paperless digitally signed NACH Debit eMandates; far fewer payment failures; military grade data security


Less than half the cost of fees typically charged by payment gateways for cards and other payment methods

eNACH Payments

Our eNACH subscription payment gateway gives you a simple dashboard and REST API suite for you to create subscription plan templates and invite your customers to subscribe. Your customers authorise NACH Debit eMandates for us to directly debit their bank accounts. We collect the funds securely and pay out to you quickly and affordably.
Create your plans and invite customers to subscribe

Create any number of plans with custom amounts, frequencies, start and end dates. You can even create ad-hoc plans for variable amounts and irregular frequencies. When you're ready, invite your customers to subscribe to these plans.

Customer subscribes online with a direct debit mandate

Your customer receives an email from us with a unique link to your branded page on our secure server where they enter their personal and bank account details and authorise direct debits of their bank accounts.

Sit back, relax and watch as LotusPay brings you your money

We process your customers' mandates through secure banking channels, debit their accounts as per your payment plans, and quickly pay out collected funds to you. We notify you for every new subscription, collection and payout.

eNACH Technology

Our powerful eNACH cloud-based software gives you a simple dashboard and REST API suite for you to directly manage your paperless NACH Debit process with your existing sponsor bank. You receive payments directly from your customer into your account.
Create mandates, submit mandates, and process response files

Programmatically create mandate subscription links, and once your customer has confirmed the mandate, submit the mandates to your sponsor bank and parse the response files.

Create debit transactions, submit debit transactions and process response files

Programmatically create NACH Debit transaction files, submit them to your sponsor banks and parse their response files.

Receive bank settlement files and reconcile with debit transactions

Reconcile bulk settlement payouts with the debit transactions that you submitted.

Make payments collection your competitive advantage