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Automatically collect recurring payments from your customer's bank account using NACH Debit eMandates (eNACH via net-banking, debit card or Aadhaar eSign) and physical scan mandates.

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Manage all your customers, plans, subscriptions, payments and settlements in our simple dashboard or API


Sign up and quickly start receiving predictable cashflow without relying on customers to authorise every payment


Direct debit of customer's bank account; military grade data security


A fraction of the fees typically charged by payment gateways for cards and other payment methods

How it works

Our NACH platform gives you simple dashboards, REST APIs and mobile SDKs for you to manage your customers, plans, subscriptions, mandates, payments and settlements. Your customers authorise NACH Debit Mandates for direct debit of their bank accounts. We collect the funds securely and pay out to you quickly and affordably. All automated!
Create your plans, subscriptions and mandates

You can create generic plans with different amounts, frequencies, start logic and durations. You can even create plans for variable amounts and ad hoc payments. You can also create custom subscriptions or independent mandates for specific customers. When you're ready, invite your customers to authorise.

Customers digitally authorise the NACH Debit eMandates

Your customers receive authorisation links to your branded page on our secure site. Your customers enter their details (if you have not already pre-filled their details) and authorise the mandates.

Sit back and watch as LotusPay activates the mandates and brings you your money

We securely process the mandates through banking channels and get them activated in 1-2 working days. When payments are due, we automatically debit the customers' bank accounts as per the subscription schedules or your presented instructions. We pay out the collected funds to you on the same day. We keep you notified of every new mandate, payment and settlement.

Our clients

LotusPay is the leading NACH Debit provider to businesses that are looking to optimise their recurring payments strategy.

Our sponsor banks

LotusPay provides NACH services via the leading sponsor banks: Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, IDFC FIRST Bank, IndusInd Bank, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Yes Bank. Through these banking integrations, we enable merchants to seamlessly collect recurring payments from customers banking with hundreds of different banks.

Make payments collection your competitive advantage

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