Who uses LotusPay


Non-profit organisations and religious institutions have seen up to 300% increase in donation collections.

Clubs and Associations

Membership fee collections for gyms, clubs and associations.


Landlords and apartment societies collect rents, maintenance fees and utility bills.


Schools, colleges and coaching centres collect recurring fixed and variable fees.


Central, state and municipal governments and agencies benefit from efficient fee collection.


Healthcare providers treating chronic conditions with care and medicines simplify recurring payment collection.

Investments & Insurance

Systematic investment plan payment collection for mutual funds and premium collection for insurance companies.

Loans, Leasing & Cards

Simple and robust payment collection for lenders, leasing companies and credit card issuers.

Professional Services

Accountants, lawyers, consultants and other professionals collect fixed and variable retainer and service fees.


Service providers and contractors get paid on time every time.


Get paid. Keep getting paid. SaaS technology companies drive growth with easy recurring payments.


Electricity, gas, water and telecoms providers benefit from simple bill collection.

Make payments collection your competitive advantage