Direct APIs for electronic NACH Debit

Powerful REST APIs for electronic NACH Debit - manage your mandates and payments directly with your sponsor bank

REST APIs for NACH Debit

Simple, clean REST APIs for making create/amend/cancel NACH Debit E-Mandates. We give you the perfectly formed XML files and you submit them to your sponsor bank.

Cloud-based server-less architecture

Hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud - super robust and infinitely scaleable. Enterprise-class architecture for modern banking integration.

Manage your NACH Debit with your bank

Manage your NACH Debit process with your existing sponsor bank - you just need SFTP from your bank.
Are you a sponsor bank? Partner with us to offer a ready-made front-end to your merchant clients and their end customers.

Customers can subscribe on any device

When you invite customers to create/amend NACH Debit e-mandates, they can easily complete the form on any device using Aadhaar eSign.

Secure between you, your bank and us

From you to us: secure mandate file creation.
From you to your bank: secure mandate file submission.
From your bank to you: secure payments collection.

Fast mandate setup and collections

Electronic mandates are typically activated within two days, and your collected funds flow directly from your customers to you.

Make payments collection your competitive advantage