Build custom payment flows with NACH Debit eMandates

JavaScript Library

LotusPay.js is our JavaScript library for building payment flows with NACH Debit eMandates.

Bank Account Element

Collect sensitive bank account details from your customer directly on your website.


Element creates a representative token for safely sending your customer's bank account data to your servers.

Because sensitive bank account information is handled by LotusPay.js, it features simple data security compliance.

Try LotusPay.js

Below is an example of a simple payment page for creating an eMandate. This will create a test eMandate, not a real one.

Click on the PAY NOW button to open the LotusPay NACH Debit Element. Enter any test data, then submit.

You'll be taken to the eMandate page in the Test environment. You can continue from there to simulate authorisation. In the Live environment, you would be redirected to your bank's website to authorise the eMandate. You can see a video of the full redirect flow here.


Create eMandate for Rs 108 monthly