Subscription Payments Collection via Electronic NACH Debit

Easily debit your customers' bank accounts on a recurring basis via electronic NACH Debit, including full payment processing by LotusPay

Monitor progress in near real time

You'll be the first to know as soon as soon as there are changes in your mandates and payments.
The Dashboard give you visibility into what you're collecting and when you'll get it, and you'll get email notifications too.

Cloud based

Our web dashboard and API make it easy for you to access seamless processing of NACH Debit via NPCI's payments network.
Nothing to install and no heavy integration required.

Puts you in control

You decide what you want to charge customers and when you want to get paid - no need to wait on customers to authorise each payment manually. Predict your cashflow with confidence.

Customers can subscribe on any device

When you invite customers to subscribe to your plans, they can easily complete the form on any device, including mobile.


Securely debit your customer's bank account. Sensitive customer data is encrypted in transmission and at rest - and it never hits your servers.

Fast collections and settlements

Electronic mandates are typically activated within two days, and we typically pay you within one working day of us collecting your payments.

Make payments collection your competitive advantage